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Let's Help Red Lantern Bicycles!

Red Lantern

We got an innovative bike shop in Brooklyn that's bringing together bikes, coffee, and beer to give you a place to relax before, during, or after using the shop. It's Red Lantern Bicycles, at 345 Myrtle Ave (Carlton/Adelphi), in Fort Greene.

Store Location

Red Lantern Bicycles has been in business for a while but there's one thing that never got finished...the storefront.

According to Brian, the owner, they just couldn't afford to make a new storefront, so to get by they MacGyver'd it by ziptying some bikes to the outside of the building (see below).

Red Lantern Storefront

That worked for a while but it's time for an upgrade. The plan now is to raise $5,000 through online contributions at Lucky Ant to fund it.

Red Lantern at Lucky Ant

The good news for you? With every donation you get something in return. Here's your return on investment:
   $10 - 3 coffees or intertubes
   $25 - 2 lbs of coffee or 3 tire fixes
   $50 - 1 hr bike service or training (1 hr "date" with bike mechanic)
   $75 - 2 tickets to bike mechanic classes
   $125 - 3 tickets to in-house showing of "Breaking Away" with open bar
   $500 - Free tune-ups for life!

Of course, aside from the above perks your donation's real contribution goes to help a small, local business get better.

What do you say? Let's help them get a stinking sign!

(Special thanks to our friends at the Myrtle Avenue Avenue Brooklyn Partnership for this tip.)