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Lower Manhattan Night Ride - SATURDAY - Post Sandy

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On my way home today I was looking at a dark lower Manhattan, thinking how amazing it is that so much of this huge, modern city is without electricity. Will we ever be able to bicycle through lower Manhattan in complete darkness again? Probably not. Let's take this opportunity. It sounds creepy, but you know it'll be fun.

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Lower Manhattan Dark

So here's the plan: let's do a group ride on Sunday Saturday evening, November 3rd, from Brooklyn and through lower Manhattan after dark. Since bicycles have been a bit of savior for many people after the storm--a simple and easy way to get around now that subways are down--let's also make this ride a small fundraiser for Transportation Alternatives. Hurricane Sandy has taught us something very important: bicycles are a reliable, efficient mode of transport. Donate whatever you want, whether it's a couple of bucks or a Benjamin, but you don't have to donate to join the ride. If you have the funds, though, know that you are supporting the future of bicycling and pedestrian-oriented projects in New York City.

Let's meet in Brooklyn at the Fowler Square plaza, located at the intersection of South Elliott and Fulton Street, at 6PM (Ride the City map). We'll ride over the Manhattan Bridge and pick up any Manhattan peeps at 6:30PM at the exit of the Manhattan Bridge (the intersection of Canal St and Forsyth St). Then we'll cruise around and explore the dark side of lower Manhattan, and eventually stop for a beverage. If anyone has a suggestion for a good route, let me know. Remember to have your bike lights on and if you don't have them, show up early to Fowler Square and you can pick some up at Bespoke Bicycles, which is just around the corner from the plaza.

Dress warm. Bring your night vision goggles. Spread the word.

(ConEd says power might be back on by Saturday night so I just changed this ride from Sunday to Saturday, November 3rd. If the power is back on before the ride, we'll do a short celebratory ride through lower Manhattan then find our way inside for a warm beverage.)