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Ride the City - Asheville, NC

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Today we launch Ride the City - Asheville, the 43rd city to get the safe bike routing tool since we began this project in 2008 (first starting in New York City.) Asheville is a lot smaller and has fewer bike facilities than most of our other cities but the climate is great for bicycling, and last year Asheville was recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists (they got a bronze-level designation) so they're doing something right.

Ride the City - Asheville

Asheville is really hilly, though. It's located in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina so practically every bike ride has some up and down. But hilly terrain hasn't put a damper on San Francisco's bike scene from flourishing and it's not keeping Asheville residents from getting on their bikes, either. The momentum has inspired the city to pass a Complete Streets policy to make city streets more accomodating for pedestrians, bikes, children, the elderly, and the disabled.

And there's a push for better bicycling from a burgeoning nonprofit called Asheville on Bikes - AOB! If you like bikes and want to help be a part of Asheville's bicycling renaissance, check out AOB and get involved.

For those new to Ride the City, our map's data comes from a publicly-shared source called Open Street Map - OSM ( OSM is a wikipedia-like crowdsourced map, which anyone can contribute data to. The good thing about OSM is that it can be improved quickly once an error is found. If you want to make a change, simply send us an email ( or, if you like mapping, you can make the improvements in OSM yourself. We put together this video to show you how OSM works with Ride the City, and how you yourself can make changes to the map. It's simple and fun. Changes might include corrected street names, adding a one-way indicator to a street that's isn't for two-way traffic, or adding a bit of information to indicate that a street has a bike lane. (We collect elevation data from a separate service so you don't have to worry about that.)

Ride the City - Asheville is more one tool to make bicycling more convenient so that more people will be encouraged to get on their bikes to safely experience the lush green roads around Asheville.