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Ride the City iPhone app update v1.5

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We're happy to announce a new version of the Ride the City iPhone app. And to make the news even better, we've reduced the price of the app to just $1.99!

So we actually started working on this update during the summer of 2011, and although it's taken some time, we think you'll be happy with the new features. Here they are:

Weather: We've added a weather feature so you can check the day's weather before heading out for a ride. No need to open a separate app-- Ride the City will tell you the day's high/low temps, time of sunrise/sunset, current and forecast temperature, wind speed and direction, percent humidity, and whether it's likely to rain. (To make room for this button, we've moved the 'cities' button into 'more' since you don't need to change your city of choice very often.) Aside from current conditions, the weather feature gives the forecast in 4-5 hour increments. We figured that aside from current conditions, most people want to know what the weather will be like during the various upcoming times of commuting: early morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, evening, etc.

Screenshot of weather feature

screen shot of weather

Layers: In the bottom right corner of the map we expanded on the 'layers' button to allow you to toggle on/off the city's bike routes, lanes & paths, bike share stations (if available), and bike shops:

Screenshot of map with layers popup

screen shot of layers button

  1. The city's bike routes, lanes, and paths: These appear just as on the website: green lines are separated greenways, blue lines are bike lanes, and dotted blue lines are shared lanes or other recommended bike routes. (If you don't see bike routes, lanes & paths appearing that actually exist, you can get them on the map by letting us know or by editing the map yourself. See this FAQ: How Can I Suggest a Better Route?)
  2. Bike shops: As before, you can touch any bike shop to find hours and contact info. (To add or update any bike shop info, go to the website and select 'add/update bike shop' from the 'tools' dropdown.)
  3. Bike share stations: For cities with a bike share program, you can view and select any bike share station to find out how many bikes are available and how many empty docks there are in any particular station. To return a bike, just find a station near your final destination and touch 'Bike here' and Ride the City will give you a safe bike route to that station.

Screenshot of bike share popup

screen shot of bike share window

Touch screen to drop start/end markers: Touch and hold anywhere on the screen to drop a start or end point to the map. Now you don't have to bother with entering a specific address or point of interest; just touch and hold the map in an approximate location to get a route more quickly. Once the popup is activated, you can pan the map around; touching either the start/end point will drop the bicycle or stop sign to the point directly beneath the point at the bottom of the popup.

Screenshot of drop start/end marker feature

screen shot of touch-and-hold feature

We'd like to thank Kelly Shea and James Spahr for their design work and for helping us think through the operation of the weather feature. These new features will make finding a bike route easier and a little more fun.