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Ride the City - Los Angeles Metro

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Please welcome Ride the City - Los Angeles Metro!

Ride the City LA


We're happy to finally bring easier bike routing to NYC's west coast sister, and burgeoning bicycle City, LA. There are lots of positive bicycle developments taking shape in LA and we're happy to be a part of it. Ride the City now gives the poeple of LA one more option to get around safely by bike. This is our largest geographic scope yet, including over 300 bike shops & bike rental locations on the map!

Here is a list of key features you get with Ride the City:

  • Easy-to-find bike shops: see all those markers on the map, those are bike shops. If you don't want to see them, you can turn off the bike shop layer on the top right.
  • Directions that allow you to choose the safest route (most bike routes/quiet streets), a safe route (balance between bike lanes and short distance), or the most direct route while still keeping you off major roads that you probably shouldn't ride one.
  • View the bike lanes, routes, and paths throughout the city (or turn off that layer on the top right, just like the bike shop toggle).
  • Turn by turn directions that give total distance, time, and elevation gain.
  • Sign in for free to save routes and add points of interest.
  • We like to support nonprofit bicycle advocacy groups so we give them free advertising. If you know of one, tell them to contact us (

If you see errors in the map or think that some bike lanes are missing, please let us know or edit the map yourself. The basemap comes from Open Street Map (, the volunteer project to map the world. Unlike proprietary maps, Open Street Map is free for the public to share so it's a great thing to be a part of. (To learn more about Open Street Map and how to edit the Ride the City basemap, read this FAQ: How can I suggest a better route?)

We'd like to thank Natalie for her research support in this project. We also thank the many volunteers who tested routes and gave early input. If you find other issues or better routes, please let us know or feel free to edit the map yourselves (see FAQ above).

To get a local perspective on Ride the City, here's the blog post from Streetsblog LA.

Streetsblog LA

Ride safe.